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Small businesses are the heart of a city. The economy is in your hands – Grow together


Do you find yourself working from home procastinating or munching away from the fridge when you should be focused?


Startup's and entrepreneurship can be lonely if you don't have like minded people around you. We love to share and collaborate where possible


You could learn from the net, but theres nothing like having people you trust



The Journey

In 2016 Edward started his business but was not able to find start up businesses to work along side. A Meetup.com group was made that attracted around 8 independant businesses. Over 2 years they have grown, collaborated and moved to their own office space. The ingredients to this success was the bond through regular lunching. After looking back and reflecting, there seems to be coworking spaces cropping up however a lack of focus on the people. This platform has been created to encourage collaborations and bringing startup’s together.


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